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About Nandi Group
HDPE Pipes
» We manufacture “NANDI” Brand HDPE Pipes ranging from 20mm to 500mm with different pressure classes & grades (PE100, PE80, PE63).
» Pipes are made and supplied in coils or nominal lengths of 6 Mtr & 12 Mtr Lengths as per customer requirement*.
Water Supply Distribution (Lines)
» Any kind of water supply and distribution either temporary or permanent.
» Farm irrigation including lift irrigation, drip irrigation to hundreds of hectares and industrial effluents disposal.
Chemical and edibles Transport
» Conveyance of edible Oils, fruit-Pulp and juices, milk and brine water.
» Conveyance of all acids and alkalis and other corrosive chemicals.
Hydro-Transport System
» Iron / Tin ore tailing slurries
» Boiler ash handling
» Coal, Cement /Clinker handling
» Sand Slurry disposal in dredging
Gas/Compressed Air System
» Natural gas and coal gas conveyance and consumer distribution
» Conveyance and distribution of gas and disposable of sewage, Goober gas and community biogas units
» Compressed air supply network at construction sites, mines and factories
» Air conditioning and ventilation ducts
» River / Canal crossing under water Salt water intakes lines
» Ducting of cables
» Artificial Limbs Tubes in skin color
HDPE Pipes
Water Tanks
Milk Tanks
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